Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just Like the Movies!

Eureka, I’ve found it! The ultimate way to distract yourself online! I know you’re all wondering what I’m talking about and I’m not in the mood to keep secrets tonight, so I’ll spill it …
YouTube + Your Favorite TBF Authors = Book Trailers
Publishing companies and loyal fans upload book trailers (just like movie trailers for upcoming films) onto YouTube and I personally could spend HOURS watching them. Below I’ve included a few of my recent favorites - enjoy!

Have YOU found any great book trailers lately? Leave me comments!


  1. Yes! I love these Book Trailers! I found them about a month ago when I was looking for teen books.... I want to get a group of TBF teens to make a similar movie and submit it to the Teen Film Festival (held in August 2010)!!!!!

  2. I believe that the Irondequoit Public Library TAB group has made some book trailers. Any Irondequoit TABers that can speak to this?

  3. The trailer for Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters is going to be seen on TV and in movie theaters! See details at: