Friday, October 23, 2009

Terry Trueman

Greetings booklovers! 
As readers, I’m sure we’ve all read at least one or two stories about characters on a journey. A journey to save someone they love ("The Giver," anyone?), a journey to stop a giant from destroying their hometown ("The Sisters Grimm" by Michael Buckley, TBF 2009!), or a journey to find themselves on a cross-country road trip ("Zigzag" by Ellen Wittlinger, TBF 2006!). Well booklovers, I myself am on a journey, a quest, of sorts. I am on a quest to find a salutation. The PERFECT salutation. The salutation that says, “Yes, I am a nerd, but I’m endearing, aren’t I?” So far, success has eluded me. You would be amazed at how many results can be found when googleing “fun salutations.” Yet, alas, the best I could come up with for today was “Greetings booklovers!” But have no fear, because by the time TBF arrives, I will have found it – the perfect salutation. And in the meantime, I welcome suggestions!
So, to get on with the REALLY fun stuff … 
I am going to begin my very first OFFICIAL blog (that first posting doesn’t count – it’s like the first day of class when all you do is fill out those “get-to-know-you” index cards, purely business and no fun) with Terry Trueman because I don’t think I could begin it any other way. For those of you who are new to TBF, you should know that Terry Trueman has been a part of TBF for as long as I have, since the beginning. Nicknamed the TBF “mascot,” Terry has attended all four previous festivals and will be there again this year. In fact, you can try your hand at the Whack-an-Author game on the TBF website to keep Terry from taking over the festival! (My high score: 29! Can you beat it?)
I read my first Terry novel, "Stuck in Neutral," almost 5 years ago, although it hardly seems like it’s been that long. Though I’ve read several more since then, "Stuck in Neutral" remains my favorite. In "Stuck in Neutral," Shawn McDaniel is a fourteen-year-old genius, but no one knows it because Shawn suffers from severe cerebral palsy which has left him unable to move or speak. Shawn’s father is a prize-winning poet most recognizable for a poem written about Shawn. However, Shawn is worried that his own father is trying to kill him. I won’t say more, but I’m pretty sure that that alone is enough to get even a reluctant reader hooked. If you haven’t read it yet, pick up a copy of "Stuck in Neutral." It’s just over 100 pages and you’ll fly through it in no time. If you’ve read it, leave me your comments! I love a good book discussion …


  1. I can beat your record - 32 :)

  2. Hmph ... I guess I'll just have to keep practicing in all my spare time! ;)