Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heavenly Holiday Read

Hi Bookworms! 
I hope that you’ve all had a great holiday weekend. I’m elated because I got the chance to do nothing but swim and read all weekend long. That means that I have a few new book reviews for you! But I’m going to space them out … you know what they say about too much of a good thing. (At least, I hope you know. Because I always forget, which means that I can’t tell you.) Anyway, today I’ll review “Angels on Sunset Boulevard” by Melissa de la Cruz. 
I know that Melissa de la Cruz is most well-known for her “Blue Bloods” series, which is about vampires. But we all know how I feel about vampires, and even with my recent ventures into the vampire literature world, I thought I’d try something different of de la Cruz’s. 
“Angels on Sunset Boulevard” centers around a facebook-type website called TAP, the wild parties that TAP hosts, and a strange ritual that only a select few TAP members are invited to participate. Nick is a wealthy high schooler from Los Angeles who’s thirteen-year-old stepsister disappeared after attending a party hosted by TAP. Nick enlists Taj, the girlfriend of America’s hottest rock star, who has he himself vanished in the middle of a concert, to help him find out where his sister is and what exactly TAP has to hide. However, Taj knows more about TAP and its secrets than she lets on. 
The book is very plot driven and you won’t want to venture too far away from the story for very long. It hooks you in and keeps you wondering about what it is that TAP and Taj are hiding. I’d peg it as an older YA read, as heavy drug use, drinking, and sexual content are a prevalent theme. 
Any suggestions of what I should read next, bookworms? Let me know! 

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