Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why "The Breakup Bible" is a Crack Up

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Whoa, it’s been WAY too long since I last posted, so I apologize. I’ve been crazy busy working three (three!) jobs, one of which is at the public library. This brings me to my next point. I work at the public library in circulation (checking in books that people are returning and checking out books that patrons are borrowing), so I get a good idea of what books are popular by how often I see them go in and out. And guess what readers? Our TBF authors are popular! I’ve seen so many TBF books circulate this summer – it’s wonderful! I posted on Twitter the other night (are you following me yet?) that I saw Kay Cassidy’s “The Cinderella Society” circulate three times in one night! 
Today I’m going to review Melissa Kantor’s novel “The Breakup Bible.” I will admit to choosing this book reluctantly, I had been hoping to read another of Melissa’s books, but it was sold out at Barnes & Noble so I “settled” for “The Breakup Bible.” But let me tell you readers, I’m so glad I did, because I really enjoyed “The Breakup Bible.” 
I was dubious at first – “The Breakup Bible” is about a high school junior named Jennifer who’s been dating Max, a popular senior. When Max breaks up with her (and she’s forced to see him on a daily basis, as they both edit the school newspaper), Jennifer is devastated. “Ho hum,” I thought, reading the description. But this book is far from “ho hum.” It was, in fact, in many places hilarious. 
My favorite character in “The Breakup Bible” was actually Jennifer’s younger brother, a 13-year-old boy who seems to think he’s the next Eminem. As the older sister of a 13-year-old brother, I loved his character. Melissa hit the nail on the head with the characterization – he acts, and talks, just like most 13-year-old boys I know. And the relationship between Jennifer and her brother is spot-on. 
“The Breakup Bible” also has a side story about racism and racial tension in a suburban school district that I found especially interesting, having grown up in an area similar to that in which Jennifer lives. 
I highly recommend “The Breakup Bible.” It’s a good summer read, in that it moves quickly and will have you smiling, but there is also some serious topics discussed, so it will provide the reader with a bit of a mental challenge. (Oh come on, school’s out for summer – you can afford to do a LITTLE thinking!) 
If you’ve read it, or if you read it, let me know what you thought (think)! 

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