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Jordan Reads!

Hi Readers,

Here is another Carly Reads first – my first guest blog post!  Today I provide you with a review written by teen reader extraordinaire Jordan Brooks.  Jordan is a 15-year-old book lover whose favorite book is “Tricks” by Ellen Hopkins.  Jordan had the pleasure of meeting Ellen Hopkins at TBF 2010.  This year, she’s most looking forward to meeting Elizabeth Scott.  Says Jordan, “Elizabeth Scott’s books never get boring to me, and when I want a book, I know I can pick up one of hers and not be disappointed.”  So without further ado … Jordan’s review of “Crank” by Ellen Hopkins.

I must begin with this: Ellen Hopkins is a literary genius. “Crank,” along with any other of Hopkins’ books, is simply amazing. I can say this and be 100% truthful, Ellen Hopkins is my idol. I strive to write like she does, but in my own way. I look up to her more than just about anyone else. Her books have literally changed my life. Her books make me feel emotions that I didn't even know existed.

In “Crank,” Kristina Georgia Snow is the perfect daughter, but all that changes with one trip to her father’s house. While at her father’s house, Bree starts to emerge. Bree, the not-so-perfect half of Kristina. Drug addict, Bree. Kristina's worse nightmare.

Bree meets Adam, a guy who's already taken by another girl, and a druggie himself. Within a few weeks, she falls for him. Okay, STOP! :) This is the part in the book were I began yelling at Kristina, or should I say Bree? It was a good kind of yelling, though! I knew from the beginning that this kid wasn't going to help her in any way! I yelled at Kristina, telling her she had to realize that all guys were stupid, especially this one! The fact that Adam was already with some other chick and trying to get with her too – it just screams wrong. But, like many people, her worst nightmare, Bree, took over. Bree became addicted, not Kristina, like everyone who was around her when she stayed with her father. Bree fell in love with the monster.

The introduction to the monster opened Bree's eyes to a whole new world. A world of drugs, sex, sneaking out, and rebellion. There were SO many times during this book that I just wanted to take over Bree, turn her back into Kristina, but I couldn't. I yelled. I cried. I wanted Kristina to have the perfect ending. Not one where all you do is party, have sex, get pregnant, stay clean for your baby, and just start all over again. I truly felt like I was Bree. I felt like I was the character. Not that I actually do the things that Bree did.  It is just so well written, that you will feel like it's your story. Every decision that Bree makes, every decision that Kristina makes, feels like it’s yours. That’s where all the emotions kick in. You feel trapped.

This book is simply amazing. Amazing enough to the point where I have read it 6 or 7 times and cry every single time I read it. And I cry mostly because I feel like it's one person in this world that could have been saved, but wasn't. Seriously, people! The thing is, “Crank” isn't even my favorite of Ellen’s books, and I simply LOVED it! Her writing is beyond extraordinary. But, let me warn you, she does not, let me emphasize that a little more, she DOES NOT sugarcoat ANYTHING.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Jordan!  I read “Crank” for the first time this October, although I’ve read many of Ellen’s other books, and I have to say that I agree with everything Jordan has said.  So take Jordan’s and my word for it, get yourself a copy of “Crank” if you haven’t already!

Jordan keeps her own book blog here ... check it out!

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