Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Diaries and Unicorns

Hi Readers!

Kathleen Duey’s books and I go way back.  I’ve been a voracious reader my entire life.  As a child, I loved series of books because I knew that if liked one of them, I was likely to enjoy the others, as well.  And I loved historical fiction.  Therefore, Kathleen’s “American Diaries” series was one of my all-time favorites.  I can still remember going to library each week hoping that there would be an “American Diaries” book on the shelf that I hadn’t read yet.  (Although I certainly wasn’t against re-reading.  I think I read the “American Diaries” books about Josie Poe and Evie Peach about fifty times each.)    

However, since this is the official TBF blog, and the “T” stands for “teen,” I’ll stop boring you with my trip down memory lane and get on with the review of Kathleen’s contribution to the “Zombies vs. Unicorns” anthology.  (Side note!  “Zombies vs. Unicorns” is edited by Holly Black, TBF alum 2010, and also contains a story by Libba Bray, TBF alum 2008.)

In the great, age-old debate of zombies vs. unicorns, Kathleen represents Team Unicorn by contributing her story, “The Third Virgin.”  I’m finding it quite challenging to develop a synopsis for the story – it’s so hard to condense a short story, seeing as they’re already short! – but let me say this: “The Third Virgin” is not your typical sparkles and glitter unicorn story.  It’s creepy and bloody, but it’s worth reading.  

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