Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking Back at TBF 2011

Hey Readers!

TBF 2011 is over and it was awesome, wasn't it?  Here's my photo recap of the weekend ...

On Friday night, there was the annual author dinner.  This year's dinner took place at Artisan Works on Blossom Rd. in the city.  Here's James Barry and Kathleen Duey outside of Artisan Works with a giant red gorilla. (Which, trust me, was not even the coolest piece of art there.)

Artisan Works is INCREDIBLE. There is art on every surface, including the ceiling.  This picture gives you a glance at what the entire warehouse is like.

Charles R. Smith, Jr., Terry Trueman, Torrey Maldonado, and Carl Deuker got to know each other better at Friday night's author dinner.

Author Torrey Maldonado took on committee member Olivia in Scrabble after dinner at Artisan Works.  Torrey won, but there was a rematch the next night ... Olivia won that game.

As many (if not all) of you know, Stephanie dyed her hair pink and orange because teens raised more than $6,666 for TBF 2011.  To which we say, TBF Runs on Dunkin?

Just like last year, the Eastridge High School Marching Band led the authors onto campus for their red carpet entrance. 

The authors arrived in style in a vintage restored bus and classic cars.

Heather Brewer was psyched to arrive at TBF 2011.

After breakfast on the day of the festival, the authors took pictures with the mascots from the Monroe County Library System's upcoming Summer Reading Program.  Jackie Morse Kessler, A.S. King, and Heather Brewer pose with three of the mascots.

Charles Benoit poses with the Red Reader - the Fairport Library's Summer Reading Program mascot.

Terry Trueman.  No further caption needed.

As teens waited for the Opening Panel to start, they shopped for books at the Barnes & Noble book sale tables. 

The Mercy High School Show Choir also provided pre-Opening Panel entertainment.

Terry Trueman crowned Stephanie "Queen of TBF" as James Barry and the other authors (not shown) bowed down to her.  

Terry Trueman and Carl Deuker combined resources for a packed third breakout session that filled the hallway with TBF fans.

The line for an autograph from Ellen Hopkins was out the door of the gym, but fans waited patiently for the chance to meet Ellen in person. 

Eric Luper signed autographs for adoring teen fans.

Melissa Kantor, like the other TBF 2011 authors, signed books, t-shirts, tote bags, and autograph books for TBF attendees.

The gym was packed for the autographing session at the end of the day.

So readers, it was an amazing day.  I'm so sad that it's over, but there's good news: only 367 days until TBF 2012.


  1. Carly these pictures are great! They truly capture the energy and LIVE-li-ness of TBFLive! Thanks again for all you do to keep the all the TBF fans updated and informed all the year through!

    PS LOVE the new look of the blog! SWEET!

  2. Thanks, Dr. Laura! Although I can't take credit for the photos ... the photos were taken by Sabrina and Elizabeth!