Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lovestruck by "Lovestruck Summer"

Hi Readers,

Over the course of the past year, Melissa Walker has emerged as one of my favorite YA authors. It’s rare to find an author that you KNOW you can count on to write a really great book that you’ll enjoy no matter what, but Melissa is definitely one of those authors.

The latest proof? Melissa’s “Lovestruck Summer.” I’m not a huge music fan – I like music, I listen to the radio in my car, but I rarely use my iPod and my music taste is definitely mainstream. It’s rare, therefore, that I connect to a book about a music lover. Because of this, I was a bit wary of “Lovestruck Summer,” a novel about Quinn, a music enthusiast who scores a summer internship with her favorite indie label in Austin. But I liked it. A lot. Because even though she may be a rabid music fan, a little judgmental, and a lot clueless, I liked Quinn.

“Lovestruck Summer” isn’t just a frilly story about a summer of live music, partying with sorority girls, and a dreamy DJ. It’s a story about a girl who learns important lessons about first impressions, healthy relationships, and true friendships.

My only complaint about “Lovestruck Summer” is that now that I’ve read it, I’ve read all of Melissa’s published novels. I’m in serious Walker withdrawal, and anxiously awaiting May when her newest novel “Unbreak My Heart” is released.  

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