Thursday, April 1, 2010

This or That With Barry Lyga!

Hi Bookworms!
Firstly, tonight I fell in love. With the Barnes & Noble nook! I know, I know, I too have always been completely against e-book readers. I always tell people I don’t just love reading – I’m a book lover, too! However, books are getting EXPENSIVE these days (especially adult books!). I’m a person who loves to get new books ASAP and I love the idea of getting adult hardcover bestsellers for $9.99 the day they come out. Obviously, I would still buy printed copies of the TBF books! How else would our awesome authors autograph them? Anyway Readers, what are your thoughts on the nook, Kindle, etc.?
Now onto the fun stuff! Barry Lyga’s “This or That” survey!
1. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
2. Realistic fiction or fantasy? Realistic
3. City mouse or country mouse? City
4. Pop music or classical? Pop
5. Dogs or cats? Dogs
6. Pen or pencil? Pen
7. Cursive or printing? Printing
8. Summer Olympics or winter Olympics? Don't care
9. DVDs at home or movies in the theater? Theater
10. Hardcover or paperback? Paperback
Thanks for your great answers, Barry.
Readers! I haven’t had any comments lately – let me know that you’re out there!