Thursday, April 22, 2010

This or That With Jennifer E. Smith!

Hello Bookworms!
The Teen Book Festival is getting closer and closer each day! I’m SO excited! I’m hurrying to finish up my last little bit of reading, getting together all the books I want autographed, and counting down the days until I get to meet some awesome YA authors. 
So, readers, keep yourself busy while you wait for TBF 2010 by reading Jennifer E. Smith’s “This or That” survey!
1. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
2. Realistic fiction or fantasy? Realistic fiction
3. City mouse or country mouse? Country mouse (moonlighting as a city mouse at the moment!)
4. Pop music or classical? Pop
5. Dogs or cats? Dogs
6. Pen or pencil? Pen
7. Cursive or printing? Printing
8. Summer Olympics or winter Olympics? Summer Olympics
9. DVDs at home or movies in the theater? Movie theater
10. Hardcover or paperback? Paperback
Only 22 more days until the Teen Book Festival!

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