Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Carrie Blooms

Hello Readers,

Today is the last day of guest blog posts by Dr. Laura’s students.  Last, but most certainly not least, is Carrie’s review of “Bloom” by Elizabeth Scott.

Hi Teen Book Fest Readers!  My name is Carrie and I have my Bachelor’s degree in Social Studies and Special Education (Grades 7-12) from Nazareth College.   Now I am a graduate student at Nazareth studying Literacy Education.  I am an avid reader and love YA literature.

Some of my favorite YA books include “The A-List” series by Zoey Dean and all of Terry Truman's novels.  I am a sucker for all romance novels :-) I am really looking forward to meeting Terry Truman and Elizabeth Scott at this year’s TBF!  As a literacy student, I am always looking for new and exciting ways to incorporate YA lit into my classroom.  Because of my background in Social Studies, I see the importance of integrating historical YA novels in my future classroom. 
I believe YA books can give a stronger and deeper meaning of history than just a textbook alone.  But, I did not review a historical novel… I got suckered into a romance novel.

I recently read Elizabeth Scott's “Bloom,” and boy was I blown away. This is NOT your average high school romance (and I could not put it down).

Most romance books are always about the unpopular girl who wants the perfect blonde-haired, blue-eyed jock.  Usually, that girl comes from a great family that supports her and she is usually smart. Everything in the book just seems to be too perfect, and it has the perfect ending. It never seems like reality.  It is just the typical high school fairy tale. Well, “Bloom” is not that story.

Lauren already has the perfect boyfriend, Dave.  He is the hottest guy in school and all the other girls melt whenever they see him. Everyone envies Lauren's relationship.   Dave seems perfect. He will hold her hand in public, and he always kisses her every time he sees her.  He comes from a great family, who love Lauren. They try to include her in family dinner and reunions.  He is a star athlete. He is very smart and well-liked in school.  And he is head over heels in love with Lauren. He thinks she is perfect. He is even planning his college choices with Lauren in mind. (Cue the awwwww.)   He thinks that they can last forever. There is only one issue; Lauren does not, but she is too scared to leave Dave, because he is perfect.    

This all changes when a blast from the past named Evan comes back into Lauren's life.  Lauren will have to decide if she wants to leave her perfect boyfriend for someone she has not seen in years, or stay in a relationship that she is unhappy with.

Lauren also struggles with opening up her life to those around her.  Lauren's mother left when she was really young and she and her father do not communicate (he's a workaholic). Lauren also does not have that many friends, and her closest friends has issues of their own.  As a reader, it's easy to see yourself in the characters of “Bloom.”  Lauren is not the perfect character and “Bloom” is not the perfect love story. Nothing is perfect in this story. But this creates a perfect young adult novel, one of the best I have read in a while!  So go read it now!!!

Thanks Carly for letting me "guest" blog and I can't wait to see you all and all the authors at the Teen Book Fest! 

Thank you, Carrie, for taking the time to share your review with us! And thank you, readers, for being loyal followers of Carly Reads!

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