Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cruising with Terry

Hey Readers!

Those of you who have been to TBF in previous years know that Terry Trueman is a TBF favorite.  Before we had an opening panel, there was a keynote address to kick off the festival, and Terry gave the keynote address at the 1st and 2nd TBF.  He’s attended every festival thus far, is the face of “Whack and Author” on the TBF website, and at TBF 2009 he was named “TBF Mascot.”

Therefore, I thought it was only appropriate that I dedicate a post to Terry and my favorite of his books.  I’ve already reviewed “Stuck in Neutral.” (In fact, it was my first review on Carly Reads!)  As a quick recap, “Stuck in Neutral” tells the story of Shawn, a bright teenage boy trapped in his body by severe cerebral palsy and convinced that his father is trying to kill him.  “Stuck in Neutral” has a companion novel, “Cruise Control.”  “Cruise Control” is told from the point of view of Paul, Shawn’s brother.  “Cruise Control,” like “Stuck in Neutral” is a short but emotionally loaded read.  While it is, like I said, a companion to “Stuck in Neutral,” it can easily be read on its own.

And in exciting preview news, when Terry visited Nazareth as part of Teen Reads Week in the fall, he read an excerpt from his newest book, which is a sequel to “Stuck in Neutral.”  I’m hoping there will be another preview at TBF 2011 …

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  1. I LOVE this book, it's absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to read the sequel!!