Monday, March 28, 2011

It's All About "You"

Dear Reader,

Today, you turned on your computer, opening your Internet browser, typed this blog address into the search box, and landed on the homepage of this blog.  You scanned the headlines, and then began to read this post. 

Whoa. Second person. It’s a strange tense to read.  But Charles Benoit’s novel “You” is written entirely in second person.  It’s something that can be tough to get used to, especially at the beginning, but the storyline of the novel is definitely worth braving the unusual tense. 

“You” is really about choices.  It’s about how the choices that the narrator, Kyle, makes influence his life. Kyle is not an overachiever.  In fact, he’s what many may call an underachiever or a screw-up.  He’s smarter than he lets on, and he doesn’t work nearly as hard as he could.  But he’s a relatable narrator nonetheless.  Readers will connect to Kyle and the choices that he’s facing in his life.  “You” also has a certain suspense to it.  It begins with a bang, and that bang will keep readers guessing throughout the rest of the book.  “You” is a powerful book.  Benoit gives readers a powerful message about the importance of making choices and he does so in a memorable manner.

So, brave the second person tense, make the right choice, and give “You” a try.   

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  1. Books written in the second person are a tough sell, but if it's done well, it's super effective (Pokemon flashback end). Thanks for the review, Carly!