Sunday, March 27, 2011

Colleen Falls for "Miki Falls"

Hello Readers!

No, I didn’t disappear off the face of the earth, I merely disappeared to San Francisco where I spent four days touring the city like a crazy woman.  I saw elephant seals at Año Nuevo State Park, visited the Vera Bradley store in downtown San Francisco, saw the aquatic animals at the California Academy of Sciences, shopped at the Chronicle Books store, and took every form of public transportation that travels around the city, including an old-fashioned cable car. I then spent the next week an half trying to recover from the lack of sleep and get back into the swing of school and classes.  (Let me tell you readers, this whole “college” thing is TOTALLY cutting into my free reading time …)

But now I’m back! And there are only 47 days left until TBF 2011.  (Yes, 47! That’s left than 50! Ahhhhh!) That means that it’s time to kick into high gear here on Carly Reads.  So check back every day, because I’ve got lots to post before the big day arrives!

For today? A review of Mark Crilley’s “Miki Falls (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)” by Colleen!

High school senior Miki Yoshido is determined to make her last year count. She meets Hiro Sakurai, a new student at school whose stand-offish demeanor (and good looks) immediately catches her interest. Despite Hiro’s discouragement, Miki is determined to get to know him. When Miki finds out about Hiro’s secret life as a Deliverer, a quasi-celestial being whose job is to keep watch over the survival of love on Earth. Despite their growing feelings for each other, Hiro knows that he is breaking the rules of his very existence by being with Miki, and he breaks off their relationship. The two are thrown back together when Hiro’s superiors come after the couple, determined to break them apart and punish Hiro for his transgressions. Determined to stay together, Hiro and Miki run away together on perilous quest for survival.

I went through a whole anime/manga phase in middle/high school (my friends and I were literally obsessed). I’m not such a hard-core fan anymore, but I do still enjoy a good manga read every now and then. I had seen “Miki Falls” on the shelves at the library before, and had been interested in reading the series. When I found out that author/illustrator would be coming to the TBF this year, I had my “excuse” to finally read the series! And I must say, I really did enjoy it. The story was surprisingly original and the artwork was quite good. I’m always in awe (and in envy) of people who can write and illustrate so well…  The series was definitely a fun read – and with its well-balanced combination of romance, comedy and action, it carries a wide reader appeal. If Mr. Crilley comes out with a sequel, I will definitely be reading it… and rumor has it that they might be considering making the series into a film… oh the possibilities!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Colleen!

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